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Carmyn Temple -

Licensed Massage Therapist

Carmyn graduated from Virginia School of Massage in 2010 when the school had a collaborative with UVA and PVVC. Since graduating, she has sought out continuing education whenever she crosses a unique dysfunction presenting in one of her clients. This solutions-oriented approach has led to training in Geriatric Massage, Counter- Strain, PNF, Massage for Pelvic Dysfunction, Fascial Stripping, Infant Massage, Somatic Emotional Release for Survivors of Abuse, Natal Massage, Craniosacral, Advanced Anatomy for Bodyworkers, and Reflexology. She uses these along with a soothing, firm touch to calm the central nervous system, enhance lymph drainage, and relax muscles. Carmyn excels at listening to her clients and their bodies, bringing them back into flow with one another.

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