Crystal’s Healing Hands Massage, LLC. First in Roanoke to Add Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) Cave

Roanoke, VA, Crystal’s Healing Hands Massage, LLC. on Brambleton Road in Roanoke, recent winner of The Roanoker’s Best Massage Therapist Platinum Award, is pleased to be the home of Roanoke's first Salt Therapy Cave. 

Salt therapy is a natural therapy that has been practiced since the 18th century. It involves inhaling dry salt, which can help cleanse both the airways and the skin to relieve congestion, inflammation, and skin irritations.

Crystal’s salt cave includes Pink Himalayan Brick Décor, a Himalayan Salt Tower, Himalayan White/Pink Floor Salt, as well as SALT Chamber’s Multi SALT FX Halogenerator, a special machine that circulates dry salt aerosol into the air. In microscopic form, the salt particles are almost undetectably absorbed and inhaled by clients as they relax, meditate, or sleep.

When the dry sodium chloride enters the body, its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties provide healing for several conditions. Lung functions improve; nasal passages and lung tracts clear of toxins and pollutants; bronchial inflammation reduces; and with repeated use, clients may find that their endurance has improved and their snoring has diminished.

“We are incredibly excited to have added salt therapy to our business,” said Crystal Stoots, owner and operator of CHHM. “We look love seeing the benefits this non-invasive therapy has had on managing the symptoms of conditions such as allergies, asthma, sinusitis, and COPD. We welcome new guests and encourage existing customers, to visit us and experience dry salt therapy. We are confident you will feel the results.”

The room is approximately 100 sq. ft. and has four zero gravity chairs. Salt therapy sessions last for 45 minutes and costs $35 per session. If customers purchase a massage that lasts for 60 minutes or longer, they will receive $5 off their salt therapy session. Series packages and memberships are also available.
Crystal’s Healing Hands Massage, LLC. is located at 4600 Brambleton Ave. at The Wellness Plaza in Roanoke, and open by appointment only. For more information, including memberships, please call 540-776-2274.

Crystal's Healing Hands Massage, LLC is owned and operated by a Certified Massage Therapist and has been providing healing massages to our clients since 2011. Our therapists are highly trained and motivated to learn and grow in order to better serve you. Hydraulic massage tables are in every room for the comfort and convenience of our clients, especially those who are wheelchair-bound. We also provide massage oil combinations put together in-house.  We look forward to Pampering You Healthy!